Welcome to Sun's Lab

Department of Chemistry, The University of Hong Kong



9 Mar 2022

Our paper "Re-sensitization of mcr carrying multidrug resistant bacteria to colistin by silver" was published in PNAS.

 17 Jan 2022

Welcome Dr. Yushan Xia to join our group as postdoctoral fellow!

 11 Nov 2021

Prof. Sun was awarded the RGC Senior Research Fellowship (2021/22) for his pioneering work on metallobiology and bioinorganic chemistry.

 1 Nov 2021

7 Sep 2021

5 Jul 2021

7 Jun 2021

Welcome Miss. Xueying Wei to join our group as PhD student!

Welcome Mr. Jamie Lok and Mr. Hongyu Zhao to join our group as PhD and MPhil student!

Our paper "Multi-target mode of action of silver against Staphylococcus aureus endows it with capability to combat antibiotic resistance" was published in Nature Communications. 

Post-doctoral Fellow: 1-2 position available

A highly motivated and skillful researcher (Ph.D. holder) who wants to and can join us now should email Prof. Sun as soon as possible. 

Applications are highly welcomed for those who have strong experience in protein chemistry (protein overexpression, purification and characterization) and/or microbiology.

See also information for HKU Presidential Post-doctoral Fellowship (HKU-PPF) application, which is available HERE.