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  1. Sun HZ (editor), ‘Biological chemistry of arsenic, antimony and bismuth’, John Wiley, 2011

  2. Li YF, Sun HZ, Chen CY, Chai ZF, ‘Metallomics (金屬組學)’, Science Press, Beijing, 2016

  3. As a series editor of RSC Metallobiology (11 books in the series)
















  1. Sun H.Z., Kao Y.T., Wang R.M., Lai L.P., Zhang H.M., Li H.Y. (2016) “Bismuth(III) compounds and methods thereof (鉍化合物及其使用方法)” (filed on Sept. 28, 2016 and granted on Feb. 12, 2019− US Patent: 10,201,518 B2; filed on Sept. 18, 2017− Chinese Patent: 201780059904.3)

  2. Sun H.Z., Lai Y.Z., Yang Y. (2015) “Metal chelation-based fluorescent probes for protein or other biomolecule labeling in cells (用於在細胞中標記蛋白或其他生物大分子的金屬螯合熒光探針)” (filed on Jan. 5, 2015 and granted on Mar. 17, 2020− Chinese Patent: ZL201580010957.7).

  3. Sun H.Z., Chan G.C.F., Chan S., Wag R.M., Li H.Y. (2015) “Bismuth complexes as adjuvants of cisplatin for cancer treatment (作為癌症治療中順鉑佐劑的鉍絡合物)” Provisional Patent (USPTO 15/210,019; CN appl no: 201680041880.4; EP appl no: 16823909.3).

  4. Sun H.Z., Ho P.L., Wang R.M., Li H.Y., Zhang Q. (2019) “Silver-/gold-compounds and methods thereof” (USPTO 62/890,667).

  5. Sun H.Z., Yuen K.Y., Yuan S.F., Wang R.M., Li, H.Y., Chan F.W., Cheng T.F., Wang S.Y. (2020) “Compositions and methods for treating a SARS-COV-2 infection” (USPTO 63032888)

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